censorship every­where

seems to be the new norm.

Censorship is some­thing we in the western-type demo­cra­cies used to think only existed in other parts of the world, but now it is so normal every­where that even the Norwegian prime­minister have uttered that there is nothing wrong with cen­soring.
Clear signs of lack of under­stand­ing within, and far from limited to, our national gov­ern­ment … no wonder my country is going down­hill fast.

Censorship is always coun­ter­pro­duc­tive … every­where. Silencing people don't solve any problems. Silenced people are unpre­dict­able. Let them speak in public, so we get to know where they stand on issues that matter to us, and can pre­pare and act accordingly.

Difficult to under­stand how those in charge, and in support, of the various de facto censor­ship schemes can really be so short­sighted. Know­ledge about human minds and history can not be their strongest sides the way they handle the present situa­tions – in the US and else­where.
Are we entering the “Animal farm”, again, or is “1984” being enacted, again? Nobody asked for “reruns” of either AFAIK, but we risk getting an awful mix of both.

why do some favor censoring?

Why is it that some think that censoring is a good idea? Why won't they let the public hear, see and read what others have on their minds, and make up their own minds about it? Why don't they trust the com­mon man and woman and their ability to think and decide for them­selves?
Or is it rather that the most eager sup­por­ters of cen­sor­ing fear those of us who choose to think and decide for our­selves regard­less of what we are being told?

What makes the cen­sors more trust­worthy than the cen­sored? Hasn't history proven over and over again that it is always the least trust­worthy who impose and support cen­sor­ship, so why is it any different now? Are there any reasons to believe that cen­sor­ing will only be imposed upon “the few that deserve it”?

Soon any and all requests for free speech in our s.c. “demo­cra­cies” will be put down, and even the thought of free speech will be inter­pre­ted and pre­sen­ted as a sign of men­tal ill­ness by the leading indi­vi­duals in our “most civi­lized” societies.

At least some of us can imagine how the story will expand and roll on forward until there is no going back, and it most likely won't be a pretty sight when the weakly braced flood­gates they try to erect break down under pres­sure from the masses that simply won't accept being shut out and silenced.

don't shout “FIRE” in crowded spaces…

We all know that some utterings and actions can be dangerous in parti­cular situa­tions, and there­fore illegal. Nobody in their right mind would chal­lenge censoring of and other reac­tions to such stupi­di­ties and those behind them.
It is however not up to any individual to add what­ever they person­ally do not like them­selves or any­body else to hear, to that short list as they see fit. That would be dis­as­trous in the long run, as we would end up with all these long and often con­flic­ting lists that nobody would be able to make heads or tails of – least of all those who wrote any of them.

Problem is that there already are a number of such non-valid but powerful lists of “non-men­tion­ables” in cir­cu­la­tion, made up by offi­cial and “less offi­cial” figures, and too many in all walks of life abide by them and apply cen­sor­ing and self-cen­sor­ing for no good reasons but plenty of bad ones.
No wonder truth is so hard to come by these days, as few pro­fes­sio­nals in any field dare to utter any­thing that isn't already “officially sanc­tioned”, for fear of negative con­se­quen­ces to their careers and private lives.
Really sad to see the most thruth-loving among us being bundled up with the most truth-fearing, and all because of ag­gres­sive and non­dis­crim­i­na­tory cen­sor­ing being applied at the orders of people that are given no rights to define or order them.


I want the right to free speech to be universal (or at least global), and I want the right to evaluate what is true and what is false of what anyone says after having been able to listen to them when and as I please. With cen­sor­ships in place every­where, all rights I have as an indi­vi­dual human being will be eradi­cated, and I won't accept that outcome no mat­ter the reasons any­one can manage to come up with.

As with all free­dom; I am per­son­ally respon­sible for what I do and say, same as all others whether they like it or not. Further along those lines; we all should apply the degree of self-cen­sor­ship neces­sary to avoid and/​or pre­vent dan­ger­ous situa­tions of our making to occur.

Common sense and personal respon­si­bi­lity, beat all forms for cen­sor­ship applied by big brother et al. That is how it has always been, and nobody can con­vince me that more cen­sor­ing and restric­tions will lead to improve­ments, locally or globally.
Thus, I have to conclude that “improve­ments” are not on their lists of reasons for what they do, and take it from there…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 16.jan.2021
last rev: 16.jan.2021

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