everybody talks

… about what others should do.

Got any “how to save the world” type of ideas on your mind? Well, just queue up with all the others looking for some­one they can talk into ful­fill­ing, and paying for, their plans. Talk can come really cheap, and may pay handsomely.

Whether or not one really knows what one is talking about, is rarely ever all that impor­tant. In all likeli­hood most of those being talked to will not remem­ber what exactly has been said by any­one for very long anyway. They only remember if they liked hearing it, or not.

Life is so much easier when one does not have to know much about how things work, and then is allowed to talk about those same things to people who could not care less about the factual sides of speeches as long as what is said sounds to their liking.
Slick and smooth talking is what matters, and the less anyone gets out of it beyond that, the better it is for the talkers' personal statuses in circles where well-re­hearsed parrot-talk usually receives a moment of highly unde­served applause. How do I know? Well, mainly because I wasn't born yesterday…

equality in business, politics and comedy

That head­line can be mixed and rear­ran­ged in any order, and make equal sense or lack of same either way. Nothing but scaled var­i­ants of the same pro­fes­sion – just listen to them talk for a few seconds (if you can stand it).

Ask the co­me­di­ans for facts, laugh of and at the poli­ti­cians, and ignore the busi­ness people's poli­ti­cally orien­ted sales pitches. Whichever way you turn it, you'll be none the wiser and have an equal amount of fun, and one can hardly ask for more equality than that these days.

Turning away and using heavy mufflers whenever any of the above men­tio­ned show signs to open their mouths, helps on leveling the many con­flict­ing playing fields they want to lure us to group onto – under their leader­ships of course.
Let them mow their own lawns, clean their own muck off of the streets, and laugh of their own lame jokes as their hollow plans and empty words rot away.

parodically awkward…

It is seriously hard to write parodies today, as almost regard­less of what funny (or not so funny) variants one comes up with, one will find them to be exact copies of real life characters in real life situations. It is indeed becoming seri­ously awk­ward to watch what the world is being turned into … history is repeat­ing itself in the worst ways.

We have for instance all these new “fact checkers”*, that try to inform us about what and what not to believe. However, as few of these entities end up agree­ing with each others on much of any­thing they claim to have checked, even they have turned into parodic and pretty irre­le­vant side-shows. Seriously…

From the above it follows that not much can be safely split into “true” or “false” based on pub­li­cly pre­sen­ted infor­ma­tion these days, regard­less of what angle and selection of sources one look at it from. So what is one to write parodies about, when life itself has become a per­ma­nent parody on display across all media-outlets?

Good thing life is short, as the laughter caused by the parodic flow from self-declared and expert-supported “serious sources” takes its toll on abdominal muscle-groups in this old and worn-down body.
All this “serious­ness” has already caused an irrep­a­rable hernia, and I'd rather be six feet under than having to go through, and live with, an intestinal rupture of global magni­tude. Just think of the rotten stench of failed and failing “happy new world” (read: “global control”) pro­jects and asso­ci­ated plans that we have been forced to swallow over the years, that may be released all at once…
Yes, seriously!

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 02.jul.2020
last rev: 06.jul.2020

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