paint it green

and be done with it.

Green solutions and technology may be green, but too much of it most defi­ni­tely is any­thing but green except maybe for the color of money. More often than not: “the greener and more polished the pre­sen­ta­tion, the worse the damage that follows”.

That is because most of what is pre­sen­ted is not in the least about sustain­a­bility or serving life on Earth, but rather about which “green”1 slo­gans and decep­tions that will result in most profit to those who invest money in them.

They may as well admit that…  it is all about the money  … and skip all the green lies.

Warren Buffet:We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit.
So, at least not all try to hide their rea­son­ing for building des­truc­tive elements in nature behind green excuses. What they do still do not make any sense what­so­ever, but at least they let us know in no uncer­tain terms why they are doing it. Refreshing in a world full of lies and hidden agendas, even if those who speak the truth openly are very few and far between.

A strange con­fron­ta­tion is going on these days, with mind­ful environ­men­ta­lists with hearts on one side, and heart­less “greens” with more money and greed than func­tion­ing minds on the other.
I am no prophet and can­not fore­see the out­come, but in its extremes it may either end up with a lush, green Earth full of beings en­joy­ing life, or as an emptied and bare Earth with beings fear­ing life itself.

green insanity

Must be great to be “green” and call for elimi­nation of the man­made (an­thro­po­genic) part of an invis­ible trace-gas – CO2 (which is less than 3.5% of the about 0.042% (420ppm) total share of CO2 in the air right now) – on the grounds that the in­creas­ing CO2 level causes global tem­per­a­ture to rise “to levels never before ex­peri­enced in all of human history2 ac­cor­ding to the most hys­teri­cally funny (and most dan­ger­ous) “green” pretenders.

Great tactics, since few in the public can check any of it them­selves, and con­se­quently can be lead to believe just about any­thing – which some appa­ren­tly are. 3
Must be like “having God in a bottle”, or some­thing sim­i­larly intox­i­cating…

scene of human sacrifice

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It must also be noted that, as pictures of smog in cities or water-vapor and soot-par­ticles from chim­neys and tail­pipes, most often are used to illu­strate what they wrongly call “CO2 pol­lu­tion”, some­thing must be seriously wrong in per­cep­tion of the air that sur­rounds us. Either igno­rance about what CO2 really is runs deep in “green” circles, or they are deli­be­ra­tely trying to spread con­fusion and/​or con­vince others that “We alone have seen the almighty CO2 in action.

Conclusion… “Progress” is a relative term.

Good thing our Earth has more than enough CO2 sto­red away (mainly in the sea4) from pre-his­toric times, to make all attempts pro­mo­ted by “greens” to “clean” the air of this life-giving trace-gas futile, albeit costly. Even better that a large part of the Earth's popu­la­tion simply do not buy into the hys­teria behind the de­struc­tive “green” policies.

No guarantee that all cri­tics have a much better grasp of real­ity than the cli­mate hys­ter­ics though, as being right about one issue does not ensure one is right about every­thing else in life.5  Chances are though, that people with ex­peri­ence and a more holistic and positive wiew on life on Earth, may be better at seeing through and avoid the worst and most costly “green solu­tions” traps set before them. 6 7

Utilizing CO2 as the irre­place­able energy-source it is, would make more sense than anything the “greens” have, and can, come up with. It is also the most cost-effec­tive direc­tion avail­able to mankind. For the unin­formed: that is what nature has been doing all along. So, the sensible ting to do is to let nature con­tinue its good work without “green” or other inter­fe­rence, and harvest the power of natur­ally sus­tained green growth.

more green insanity

Throwing the ongoing Corona virus COVID19 disaster in with the UN Agenda 2030, does of course look like the “ideal green-painted policy”8 to glo­bal inves­tors. “The per­fect storm” in a manner of spea­king, that even the roman pope seems to have jumped in on.
The latter disease is of course a lot worse for humanity than the former, no matter how one looks at it. And what the roman pope utters about any of it, does not serve to les­sen the insanity.

Creating situa­tions they can pretend to raise above and provide solu­tions for and salva­tion from, is like wet dreams to “greens” – and cer­tain other “move­ments” 9 10. And that they care about sur­vival of any­one but them­selves, is wish­ful thinking most of these beings, by design it seems, do not share in.

Regardless of how bad the act of “reducing life and death to pure sta­tis­tics” sounds, sur­viv­ing the Corona virus by itself looks sta­tis­ti­cally fair. Although too many will suffer and too many will die from the Corona virus COVID19 disease, most affected humans will sur­vive.
However, whether or not hu­man­ity will sur­vive the other, politi­cally plan­ned, disaster known as Agenda 2030, is another question entirely.

Remember that question…

green movements in action…

Want something, any­thing, des­troyed without mind or mercy: support any of the more radical green move­ments. No acci­dent green is the color most often used for mili­tary uni­forms, as many “green” move­ments are at least as des­truc­tive as mili­tary armies. 11
Excel­lent partners for busi­nes­ses that want a layer of green over their agendas with­out having to change or improve on any­thing. The per­fect recipe for making greater pro­fits, in a world that is already over­flowing with fakes of all shapes and sizes.

Green movements may also come cloaked in various shades of reli­gio­sity. Which variant(s) each move­ment favors isn't always clear, but clarity in such matters is often deli­be­ra­tely not priori­tized, as it may need to be changed and/​or ad­just­ed to what­ever variant the indi­vi­dual move­ment thinks it needs up front to match what it sees as its main counter­part(s) at any given time.

Chances are that “green” move­ments – like any other types of move­ments – will “change color” over time as focus move from area to area and case to case, and also when domi­nant figures within these move­ments feel the need to raise flags and put their personal marks on achi­eve­ments.

Rarely ever do green move­ments stay recog­nis­able in any­thing but names for very long. It is all about having the right pro­file and mar­ket­ing strategy.
That is; unless they are very small, very focused, or (in very rare cases) really green and really, really con­cer­ned about the environment.

One can not write about green move­ments without recog­nizing that genuine green move­ments really do exist, although they are in a very clear minor­ity com­pared to all those move­ments that run around calling them­selves “green” while making funny and unso­lic­ited noises. Chances are one will only find these genuine greens working their causes on the ground though, as rarely ever do they show up across media since they aren't about mone­tary profit.

sustain and recycle life…

Personally I am not the least ashamed of any of the things the (not genuine) greens want us common people to feel bad and/​or ashamed over being involved in these days. Nearly all they go on about is genuine BS not founded in reality or sane thinking – green or otherwise, so one may as well ignore all that comes from them.
I am however often feeling really ashamed of being of the same race as those BS'ers, and that is a feeling that is becoming more and more diffi­cult to shake off as more and more of the green paint (or rather green mud) those people appar­ently like to bade in, gets worn off to reveal hollow­ness and various degrees of unethical12 and/​or criminal activity – or simply plain igno­rance when it comes to their followers.

Life can be really good, and to me it is. No doubt it would be so much better for all with­out all the green-tain­ted sludge every­where though.
I am all for genuine greens and their work, which I support as much as possible. The green-painted move­ments and their many pro­pa­ganda chan­nels how­ever, can (quite lite­rally) go to hell for all I care.

Sometimes I like to be all alone with nature for a while, and simply forget that any of the rest even exists. Then I can go back well rested in body and soul, and con­tinue where I left off.
There is still so much that needs to be done in the world, for the good of man­kind and all other beings and all that. And, (for what­ever reason) I am not quite dead yet … sorry about that “greens”.

Stay safe, and never stop using common sense

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 25.apr.2020
last rev: 29.may.2020

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