in a warmer climate.

Even an unusually cold day here in Central Florida, feels plenty warm for the time of year to us Norwegians. We are more concerned with watering newly planted flowers and rose-bushes these days, than keeping track of how the snow builds up further north in the States and back in our own country.

Soon we will go back to Norway for a short break (and to make tracks in the snow), before re­turn­ing to our place in the sun. We have really gotten used to living here by now, and although we do have business to attend to back in Norway, we see no reason to stay there longer than necessary while the winter lasts.

We've got some more planting to do around our Florida home, and a music show or two to attend this side of the pond. Besides, some friends further north are expecting us to visit them when it warms up a little in their areas. All in all very good reasons to return to Florida as soon as possible, and we have already bought the tickets.

after all: it is winter here too.

Mainly in solidarity with our many friends further north on both sides of the pond who have to battle with cold weather, snow and ice, we some­times put a log on our fireplace late in the evenings when it gets a little chilly outside.
Night temp­era­tures can go down to near freezing here in Central Florida too at times this time of year, and it is always nice to cozy up by the fire for a while before going to bed.

While the sun is up we prefer to watch birds and squirrels (and neighbors), from the comfort of the “Florida room” (“winter-garden” to Norwegians) at the back of the house.

For now at least we do more to make our backyard look nice than we do in the front of the house, as back here we get to enjoy it more ourselves.
The house presents itself well enough alongside the street as it is (see below), so not much needs to be done on that side for a long time anyway.

honey, we're home again!

For the first time in many years, Gunlaug and I have been away from our home on the farm in Southern Norway for any length of time – together. This place in Weeki Wachee, FL, has become our second home now, and we intend to divide our time more or less evenly between it and our farm in the years to come.

A simple thing like being able to stay warm without wrapping ourselves in thick clothes despite the fact that it is winter, sure is an advantage at our age. The climate here in Florida makes living easy for a retired couple, and the health-advantages of playing snowbirds may actually give us a few extra, good, years on this earth.

Although the place itself does not require much maintenance, I can find enough to do around the house to keep me busy. Besides, I have my hobbies that do not depend much on where I am in the world – web-development for instance.

Gunlaug does of course have her flowers and plants, and also some new-found interests that I'll keep mostly quiet about for the time being.
The main thing is that she is very happy about being here, and that she is looking forward to returning to this place after a short stay in Norway later this month.

Communication has come a long way in the past decade or so, so it is not like we are leaving family and friends behind on either side of the ocean, no matter where we actually are at any given time. And, of course, traveling around means we make new friends…

Making the most out of each season by flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, appeals more and more to us.
We love this new freedom of ours to follow the sun and our own preferences throughout the year, almost as much as we love each other. That says a lot acually.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 03.feb.2015
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