ordinary days

in perspective.

Big trees cast wide shadows for us to walk in, which is good when the sun is high and tem­per­a­tures exceed 35°C (95°F).

relaxing by the channels

Nice to have an undisturbed place by the water, where we can cool down on warm afternoons.

view over the mexican gulf

On a warm, partly cloudy, day you can still only see so far across the sea.

all right now

Gunlaug has pretty much figured out the area surrounding our place by now, and is experiences few real problems in our day to day life here. She can also make herself understood well enough in English to get by anywhere, so not even the language causes her much problems.

That she would not even dream of driving the car, isn't a problem. I like to drive, and am used to American roads and traffic rules by now.
More traffic here than we are used to in Southern Norway, but apart from that there aren't all that many dif­fer­ences in signs, and how people behave on the roads.

We live in a very quiet neighborhood, where neighbors look out for each other and make sure nothing bad happens. We do not have much daily contact with neighbors, but they are more than friendly, and helpful, when we do meet any of them from time to time. Makes life here easy and unproblematic, just as we like it.

We have shared necessary information with a couple of our neighbors, so we know how to contact each other if it should be necessary.

As the time to leave Weeki Wachee for the summer is getting nearer, we are slightly busy preparing things in and around the house. Everything has to work properly until we are back at this place in about six months' time.

A friend of mine is looking after the place for us, and we have all surveillance cameras up and running – with backups. Good to be able to look after things while we are away.

So, only a few more of these ordinary days left of our stay here in Florida now, before going back to our farm in Norway. Despite the good time we have had here in the US, we are looking forward to staying home for a while. Have a few things to take care of there too.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 16.may.2015
last rev: 18.may.2015

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