no, I'm not

into religious symbolism.

A couple of days ago someone asked if I was “religious or some­thing”. She had noticed what appeared to be light­beams surrounding the head of a dove in an image used on some pages on this site (see above), and immediately thought of it as a religious symbol or expression.

My answer was a simple “no I'm not”(ne), referring to the “religious” part of the question. I have no idea what “or some­thing” was supposed to mean, but doubt that whatever it was was on target either.
Anyway, regardless of what anyone may see or read into what is presented on my web site, I am not religious about anything.

Symbols are used as a form for communication everywhere, and knowing how various symbols are being used and are supposed to be perceived in context in various places, can make all the difference.
I focus mainly on gathering knowledge about symbols on traffic signs, in public areas, on food-labels and such, as that knowledge helps me get around safely in the world. Most other symbols can, in most cases, safely be ignored.

Religious, political, and all other economically and/or spiritually charged symbols, carry the meanings given by those who put them there, I guess. Not always all that clear what is meant, and often much of the symbolic meaning is supposed to be over­looked or mis­under­stood by “outsiders” for various reasons.
I use symbols much the same way – give each of them meaning as I go. At times I do of course also put symbols on display without attaching any symbolism or meaning too them.

sorting people into “symbolic” boxes…

Symbols and symbolism can be, and are, efficiently used for dividing people into groups. Easier to handle people as groups and not as a bunch of trouble­some individuals, as groups can be referred to by given symbols and not be seen as humans.

Political and/or religious control-freaks are often good at “putting people in boxes”. Such a manip­u­lative strategy is of course a way to neutralize large numbers of people by turning them into suitable groups and hand them opposing views. These groups can then be kept busy fighting each other, so they won't come up with the idea of joining forces and oppose the mostly-self-elected leaders.

Most people will, when “boxed in” and placed in groups, give up on their own minds and ident­ities and start acting as if they belong there. The reason is of course that very few like to admit that they have been tricked. So much easier to pretend to be there by choice, follow leader, and let group-mentality take over.
Freedom of choice is of course only for the few – the leaders and manipulators. This freedom is then upheld by the many who choose not to admit that they are being led and manip­u­lated into acting as support-groups for something they as free, thinking, individuals naturally would come to oppose.

This “box” strategy does of course not work on everyone, as a few will stick to proper logic and reasoning no matter what. These few – if observed – will usually be declared as outsiders and/or enemies-of-whatever, and suppressed – happens all the time everywhere.

Few will spread their real opinions in speech or writing, for fear of exposing themselves to ridicule from those who don't dare speak up for fear of being ridiculed – a ridiculous circle indeed. Thus, most stay quiet where speaking up matters, and then say a lot where not a word they say matters.
Humans are funny that way.

Yes I know, the above is a bunch of hogwash to most people. To others – those who choose to see with their own eyes – it is reality, and not always a good one either.

the meaning of…

If you are at all interested, the meaning I put into that particular image of a dove whenever I use it, is simply “a free spirit”. Nothing more, nothing less, and all included.
Why complicate matters by borrowing from other people's symbolistic inter­pre­tations, when I am quite capable of coming up with my own?

As for what “box” to put me in … those who want to can pick and choose to their hearts' delight. I am not preoccupied with what others might think about such unim­por­tant matters…

To provide clues: I am a free­thinker … pro logic and reasoning before choice. My reasoning, my choices, and nobody's business but mine.

So you see, there is meaning in my use of symbols at times, and I intend to defend my right to go about life as a free spirit, until the day comes when I die and turn into a real one.
From there on I won't have to defend anything. What a relief…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 14.jun.2015
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