dark earth

and energy crisis.

We have developed so few ways to utilize the available sources of energy, that if there is an energy crisis anywhere it is mainly a lack of the right forms for energy between our ears. Smart phones clearly do not equate smart people, and energy-wasting technology has never solved any problems.

Hopefully this is a temporary setback in human evolution, as otherwise we will eventually have some serious crisis on our hands. Those crisis will be just as man-made as the ones we have created so far, so there won't be anyone to blame but our­selves.

However, once the present line of “planned human devolution” has run its course and plunged the world back into the dark ages, there may not be anyone left to blame anyway, so who cares.

no need to save the earth

The earth has been through worse challenges, so no need to save it from our sense­less­ness. We humans are the ones who stand to lose the most by our actions, so it is about time we stop talking and start doing … less.

That's right: nearly all human activity is wasting energy and producing waste. If we all quit doing what we're doing, there will immediately be a huge surplus of energy and an equally huge reduction in waste.
Not producing waste in the first place beats all forms for recycling hands down, and if we add extended use to the equation the gains will be even higher.

crazy, I know

Just the thought of halting and/or diverting the (planned) race to the bottom, is concidered to be some form for madness in today's societies. We are not supposed to harbor such thoughts, as they go against everything we have been indoc­tri­nated with over the years by those in charge and their overpaid marketeers.

Well, not everything goes to plan even for the worst of planners, and I for one have no intention of supporting what I don't believe in. I rather be crazy, and stay sane.

And, no, it was in no way better before, so I can do very well without a “replay of the good old days”. Only dif­fer­ence is that back then there was hope…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 25.oct.2016
last rev: 09.nov.2016

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