dreaming of a whiter cristmas

… prefer­ably with­out com­mer­cial non­sence.

Too many ads, commercials and “seasonal” tv-programs messing up a perfectly good winter­time, for me to really get into the Christ­mas-mood. Just waiting for the com­mer­cial push to die down with the season, so some degree of normality can take over.

Happy to say that neither my wife nor I allow ourselves to be all that affec­ted by the seasonal dis­trac­tions that are spewed out through all avail­able channels, and that our daily life on the farm isn't disturbed much. The every­where present commer­cial noise is never­the­less quite irri­tating at times.

is this winter?

We have had snow already (see picture above), but the white cover didn't last very long and was followed by rain, rain, and more rain. Hardly a day without some rain for weeks now, and at times it has rained quite heavily.
Frost some nights in late November into beginning of December, but temperatures well above freezing most days. All in all a pretty gray start of winter so far, and with the sun barely clearing the treetops on the hills south of our farm mid day this time of year it isn't of much help even if the clouds clear on occasions.

Our cows don't like cold rain any more than we do, but both they and we are used to and prepared for these seasonal variations so the weather does not keep us down. Plenty of good food for all, well-developed furcoats for our four-legged and a lit-up fireplace for us, and with that the days just fly by towards Christmas.

To have mentioned it; we feed the small birds during winter. They can find limited amounts of food in the forest this time of year, but providing them with a little extra seems right and in return we get a live show outside our living­room windows every day.


Remembering back in time to when the months leading up to Christmas carried some­thing positive for children of all ages. I am old enough to remember when there were less of all and all had more value.
Now it only means that more sales pitches are sent our way than during the rest of the year. It is boring, worth­less, and takes the shine off every­thing that matters in life.

In a month or so it may all be more or less over, and in the mean time there is just more crap to ignore and home­made festivity to enjoy.

I am also remembering friends and acquaintances who have gone to better places in the last decade or so. At times I envy them, but for the most part I just miss them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hollydays, or whatever you like to call it, to all who happen to pass by. And may the coming year bring good experiences to all mankind.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 12.dec.2019
last rev: 31.dec.2019

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