in passing

all those quiet days.

Nothing much has been going on since my last posting, apart from all that has been plastered all across media (be it social, dicta­torial or nonsensical) in over­stated or under­stated forms. The usual mix of up- and down-played crises of global and more local arts, that do not need further comments from me.

Thus, not much worth mentioning from the world outside the farm, and that is where this posting could have ended. But you already know that's not how the story ends when I power up my laptop.

mostly quiet, but not quite…

A few days ago we had to ask people in the neighbor­hood for help, as our heifers had found a weak spot in the fence and gone for a long late-evening walk. When we found them the next day, car-traffic scared them off from entering the local roads they had to follow to get home.

Took hours to gather the manpower, and then another hour to gather the animals close to the road while waiting for the traffic to die down towards the evening. With half a dozen people behind them, and me in front with a bucket of con­cen­trate, we finally mana­ged to con­vin­ce the heifers that it was safe to thread onto the asfalt and follow me.

Most of the way home I drove in front on the old J.D. Gator they are used to be fed silage from – the only vehicle they trust close up. Once they got going it was steady speed all the way to the food station by the front yard (see pictures), with­out a single devia­tion along the entire mile (1.5km) long trip.

After having spent almost 24 hours in a, for them, un­known envi­ron­ment, our heifers showed clear signs of being happy being back home with us and the ordinary farm-routines. Ever been licked by happy cows? “The simple life on the farm” seems to suit them just fine, even if they do like to check up the wider area now and then.
I don't blame them, as so do I.

chilly spring on the farm

Daytime temperatures are a little on the low side in our part of Southern Norway for being past mid May – late spring and slow grass-growth, but nothing all that unusual. Been a little light rain now and then, but mostly just cloudy and dry with mode­rate wind in our area. Cold nights, but no frost.

I would not mind more sunny and warm days this close to offi­cial summer, but we are not de­scen­dants from vikings for nothing.
Anyway, warmer days on a truly global scale ahead, they say … or was it colder? Maybe they'll make up their mind one day.

Stay safe now, and don't stop using common sense…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.may.2020
last rev: 22.may.2020

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